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Compassionate Healthcare. Empowering Women. Changing Lives.

The compassionate, holistic care provided by Obria affiliate clinics across the U.S. is already showing success.

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Our Story

Started in 1981 by Kathleen Eaton-Bravo, The Obria Group was first called Birth Choice Health Clinics. Today, the Obria Group has 18 affiliate medical clinics in 6 states.

In 2021, Obria Medical Clinics saw over 7,700 unique patients, saved 1791 babies, and completed 498 telemedicine appointments.

Birth Choice and Kathleen

Meet The Team

Dawn Hughes

Dawn Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

Marguerite Johnson

Marguerite Johnson

Chief Clinical Officer

 Chief of Staff

Tania Castro

Tania Castro

Vice President of Operations

Dulcie Salazar

Dulcie Salazar-Bennett

Senior Clinical Director

Kaylyn Green

Kaylyn Green

Clinical Director of Operations

Dr. Suzie Smith

Dr. Suzie Smith

Director of Marketing

Annie Ima

Paulette Annie Ima, MD/MPH

Title V and FEMM

Program Manager


Deidra Huang


Board of Directors

Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith

Former Education Director

Chairman of the Board

Steph Busch

Steph Busch

Pacific Hospitality Group


Vice Chair

Barbara Massery

Barbra Massrey

Ken Massrey Associates

Former Chief Financial Officer


Karen Armour

Karen Armour

Armour Properties



Justin Alvarez

Justin Alvarez

Alvarez Law Firm 


Dr. Peter Anzaldo

E. Peter Anzaldo, MD


Medical Director

Jean-Paul Afif

Jean-Paul Afif

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Vice President

Financial Advisor

Medical Advisory Board

Mary J. Kotob, MD, FACOG

E. Peter Anzaldo, MD

Ngozi Nwosisi, PHD

Tim Hindmarsh, MD

Gary Walker, MD

Paulette A. Ima, MD, MPH

Cynthia McClendon, FNP

Marie Doan, FNP/BC