Some of the main reasons for Planned Parenthood’s success is its national brand recognition and unified front. As part of a nationwide network, the organization can offer its clinics more services, more funding, and more recognition to attract a greater number of patients.

Effectively offering compassionate, reproductive health care to more Americans requires the same concept, but with better strategy and execution. Over the next three years, we’re adding hundreds of clinics to our network in order to serve more people in more areas with better care. Will you join us?

Our Affiliate Clinics

Obria currently manages nearly 50 clinics across the U.S. in both rural and urban communities. By 2022, we aim to have more than 200.

How it Works

Obria’s affiliate model allows established, local resource centers to join forces with a unified movement to expand their effectiveness in reaching more men and women. Under the affiliate strategy, we not only create stronger unity, but also build upon local resources and existing donor bases; which results in a stronger cost advantage per clinic compared to that of Planned Parenthood.