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Since its founding, Planned Parenthood has been at the center of reproductive news and litigation. This increased name recognition has attracted more attention and awareness than local pregnancy care centers. Despite being associated with protests and controversy, its medical clinic model is more effective at marketing to and serving abortion-vulnerable women in the United States.

It’s clear that unified and clear messaging from a national brand carries a level of trust that women look for in choosing a health care provider. That’s why Obria is working to unify established local resource centers under a national brand and medical model to build a more recognizable name and face.

Making a Name for Women’s Care

Building national brand recognition requires meeting women where they are. Because millennials are changing the way health care is offered, effectively reaching them means generating clearer, more unified messaging, digital targeting prowess (by way of search and social media), technological innovation, and investment from a whole community of supporters.

Across the Country

With the Obria model, we’ve unified nearly 50 local resource centers under a national brand. In order to better reach women in need, we are committed to onboarding hundreds more. By converting 200 new affiliate clinics and building a stronger national brand, Obria will bring compassionate health care to even more men and women across the country.

The only national solution to comprehensive, reproductive medical care.