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March 29, 2019
Comprehensive, Life-Affirming Health Care Clinics to Expand Care for Low Income and Underserved Patients

TUSTIN, Ca. — Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that the Obria Group will receive $5.1 million over the course of three years in Title X Family Planning funding to expand services to low income individuals and families in four California counties. The Obria Group will oversee the work of seven clinic partners including three of its own California affiliates.

Statement from Obria Group Founder and CEO Kathleen Eaton Bravo:

“With this grant, the administration has opened up a new avenue of health care choices for low income and underserved women and their families in California.

“Many women want the opportunity to visit a professional, comprehensive health care facility – not an abortion clinic – for their health care needs; today HHS gave women that choice.”

Obria is a nonprofit affiliate network that operates 21 health clinics and 11 mobile clinics in five states with 78 licensed medical professionals providing comprehensive health care services including: pregnancy testing and counseling, prenatal care through delivery, HIV/AIDS testing, pregnancy ultrasound, breast and cervical cancer testing, well-woman care and pap smears, STD testing and treatment, sexual risk avoidance education, adoption referral, and post-abortion support. Obria clinics do not provide contraceptives and do not do abortions, offering women and their families healthy, life-affirming care.



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