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The Obria Impact

Young Family

The Obria Medical Clinic model is proven to be more effective at reaching men and women than local clinics. Our step-by-step approach to converting these clinics has been increasingly successful on both a local and national scale, allowing us to grow in the number of affiliate clinics, funds secured, and (most importantly) patients served.

Our Services

The annual Well Woman Exam is a fundamental part of medical care and is valuable in promoting prevention practices, recognizing risk factors for disease, and identifying medical problems. During this visit, the physician or Nurse Practitioner will check a patient's thyroid and perform a breast exam, pelvic exam, and Pap smear. Patients are screened for both breast and cervical cancers. They can also be tested for STDs during the exam if requested. If a mammogram screening is recommended (generally for those over 40), Obria will refer the patient to an OB/GYN or low-cost clinic for further evaluation.

During visits, the obstetrician (OB-GYN) or nurse Practitioner will order lab work, perform a urinalysis, physical exam, and an ultrasound if necessary. They will also educate patients on managing a healthy pregnancy.

Obria Medical Clinics helps patients make an informed choice that is best for their health and well-being. We will give patients compassionate, confidential care, evidence-based medical information about all their options, and non-judgmental support no matter what they decide to do about their pregnancy.

Abortion Pill Reversal is a simple treatment available to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. The Abortion Pill Reversal procedure is designed to reverse the effects of the first abortion pill medication (mifepristone).

Obria provides STD/STI testing and treatment for men and women. We also educate patients on how sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted.

The caring staff at Obria Medical Clinics offers urine pregnancy testing. If a patient's test is positive, an ultrasound can be performed.

Obria offers postpartum support to new mothers including breastfeeding support, new parent classes, and, where available, items to assist in caring for their new baby.

As Obria clinicians focus on whole care for the whole you, our professional team understands patients' physical and sexual health is just one component of their life. We consider social and mental factors rather than just physical symptoms. Having a holistic view for Obria means educating and equipping patients with research-aligned relationship development and life skills. 

Stories of Impact

Since 2006, Robin Mauck has served in a number of roles for the (then) Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) of Gwinnett County, GA, from volunteer patient advocate to educator to board member and board chair. With a close eye on fundraising, she eventually began the Gwinnett Life Run in 2012 as a way to help fund the clinic, which was becoming low on income. But after 27 years under the PRC name, Robin’s staff knew it was time for a change that would give them increased brand recognition, a greater breadth of services, and the ability to serve more women in the area.

Robin Mauck
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