Obria Medical Clinic model is proven to be five times more effective at reaching men and women than local clinics. Our step-by-step approach to converting these clinics has been increasingly successful on both a local and national scale, allowing us to grow in the number of affiliate clinics, funds secured, and (most importantly) patients served.

By the Numbers

In grants to fund growth
4.6 stars
Average online ratings and reviews
Obria affiliate clinics across the country

Continued Growth

We give clinics the ability to triple their funding power with access to grants, insurance reimbursements, and both local and national fundraising dollars. With these resources at their disposal, Obria clinics can attract and serve more women.

Our strategic growth model will allow us to onboard 200 new Obria clinics in the next three years. And that’s only the beginning. By building a vast network of clinics across the country, we’re focused on providing comprehensive, reproductive medical care for more than 125,000 women.

Stories of Impact

Joining the Obria Family
Since 2006, Robin Mauck has served in a number of roles for the (then) Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) of Gwinnett County, GA, from volunteer patient advocate to educator to board member and board…