Millennials make up 80% of all abortion-vulnerable women. But the millennial generation isn’t like others when it comes to receiving care. Nearly three-fourths of millennial women prefer a virtual interaction with a doctor. Reaching these vulnerable patients requires a newer, more modern approach.

With the launch of our telemedicine app and proven digital marketing strategy, we are now able to reach millennial women right in the palm of their hand. That means caring for them whenever they need us and wherever they might be.

Extending the pro-life reach

The average local clinic has little to no digital presence—limited websites, no app technology, and limited digital communications. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continues to reach women and men through online chat programs and texting. By joining the Obria network, local resource centers can benefit from our digital outreach strategy. They will be able to build awareness for their clinic and serve as many people as possible with just the click of a button.

The Obria App

The Obria app gives users direct access to a medical professional who can answer whatever questions they have about pregnancy, abortion, STDs, or other sexual health topics. Users can explore resources, locate a nearby clinic, and even schedule an appointment through the convenience of their mobile phone. Plus, it’s 100% confidential, free, and HIPAA-compliant so patients feel comfortable and empowered to get the care they need.